Years ago, the quartz technology was developed which completely derailed the analog industry. The most important lesson that all watch manufacturers learnt during that time was – watches are not about technology but emotions. This approach is probably the main reason why brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe survived and thrived. Rolex is primarily worn by people who see watches as more than just a time-device. It’s a mark of luxury, a sign of style – in short, a statement. Apple Watch has been launched and the big question is – will it derail Rolex? The answer is a short and precise – no.

No Style

The Apple watch comes with a host of benefits. You can check all your apps, messages and you have your social networking news right on your wrist. The Galaxy Gear was rolled out by Samsung last year and then came Sony’s Smartwatch 2. Only last month, Moto 360 was launched. So, wearable technology is definitely not something new. However, what Apple did to Nokia can never happen to Rolex because Apple Watch utterly lacks any style. While it might appeal to certain younger minds or even some particular events, you simply would not wear an Apple Watch at a black tie event.

Emotional Attachment

People tend to associate emotions with certain brands. You saw your first real images on Nickelodeon and so, you’ll always consider it to be better than Cartoon Network. In the same way, Rolex fans would never stop being Rolex fans just because a shiny piece of walking gadget is out there in the market. This doesn’t mean that the Apple Watch isn’t good enough. But that is not the point. No matter how good it is, Rolex caters to a different brand of people. Apple can’t change that. The emotional attachment that people have with Rolex is too strong for that. Take an example – After the Apple “Bent Gate” incident, there were a lot of speculations that maybe Apple will lose a chunk of its market share. However, that didn’t happen because the people Apple caters to are loyal to it and emotionally attached to the iPhone.

Not a Fashion Watch

The fashion world is biased towards style and designs. Why wouldn’t they be, their livelihood depends on it. Rolex is a brand that often features in a lot of catalogs. It adds a certain amount of gravitas to the outfit. Suddenly, you look at your watch and you feel like you’re something special. More than that, however, the watch looks good. It looks classy, sophisticated, and is everything that the Apple Watch will never be. The Apple Watch even comes in a slimmer slightly effeminate version for women but even that has not impressed the fashion world so far.

The Rolex Crowd

People who wear watches from Rolex and other similar brands have one thing in common – that thing on their wrist is more than just a watch. This is the main reason why Rolex would not even feel a slight dent from the Apple Watch because the Rolex crowd wants watches that are elegant, unique in their design, handcrafted, luxurious, make a statement, do not scream, and most importantly, speak to their personality.

The Apple Crowd

The Apple crowd is also a special one. Geeks and nerds who are proud to tell the world that yes, they do live on the internet. Internet is the best invention by mankind after, probably, donuts and there is nothing wrong is letting the world know that there is finally a watch that speaks “Nerd” in the coolest way possible.

Rolex and Apple have nothing to fear from each other – they cater to different people and have a niche.