Rules of keeping and looking after watches by LuxuryWatchBuyer

Rules of keeping watches

You are proud to wear your watch. And you often look at them just to make sure how perfectly they fit your hand. It is possible to save this pleasant feeling of wearing watches for a long time. All you need is to take care of your watch in a right way. Follow our advice and you will be able to extend “life” of your favorite accessories.

icon1Looking after mechanism

If you are the owner of a watch with mechanical mechanism, then make sure that that your watch is on the clean surface, try to avoid contact with mud, dust and other contaminants. Also, the watches are quite sensitive, so they should not be subjected to sudden shakes, impacts and other mechanical damages. Watchmakers strongly recommend to conduct prevention of  watches in specialized workshops where the mechanism is lubricated and cleaned at least once per every three years.

icon3Looking after quartz watches

Owners of quartz watches should  avoid electromagnetic radiation. The fact is that in this case your watch can be in danger of  acceleration, lag or stop. Be careful not to overheat the watch –electronic filling batteries can be destroyed.

icon2Looking after the surface of the glass

Glass of watch require careful handling. Even if your watch is fitted with a sapphire crystal, it does not mean that they can be beaten and scratched. Glass is one of the most important security features of the dial. Therefore, if the glass is broken or cracked, it must be replaced immediately, as the dust can get into the mechanism, and it can quickly break.

Looking after glass is quite simple. It is important to be careful: scratches must not appear, because soon they can turn into cracks. If there was contact with water, wipe it with dry lint-free tissue. For sapphire glass manufacturers produce special liquid for cleaning.

icon4Looking after bracelets made of steel, titanium and other metals

The most possible contamination of bracelets made of different metals can be a mixture of sweat and dirt. To get rid of it, – is enough to wash out the bracelet in soapy water using a brush once a month and wipe it with lint-free tissue periodically. If the metal strap got into chlorinated or salted water, wash it under running water. To clean the units, you can use a toothpick, and you can give the bracelet to a specialized clockwise center.

icon5Looking after leather and textile strap

The straps of these materials are very afraid of  heat and moisture. Care of  these elements of watches is available and simple.

In order to keep leather straps elastic and shiny, they must be cleaned with a special liquids. Improper drying and excessive moisture can cause crack or crack from dryness..

Looking after the textile strap is easy. When it is necessary they can even be washed (follow the course requirements for the care of a specific tissue). The main thing that you should remember is that that over time, textiles deteriorate and can be torn.

Proper maintenance and care are the keys to a long life of your watch. By following the above steps, you can enjoy your watch accessories  for a long time.