Rolex is probably one of the most if not the most popular brand of watches in the entire world. As the popularity of this watch grows, so does the amount of curious individuals wanting to see what makes this brand so special. If you are one of these curious individuals, then it is important to know that you probably can’t just go to some store and buy any specific Rolex watch. There are many factors to take into consideration before officially deciding which Rolex watch or watches are best for you.What you first need to know is if you really are ready to buy a Rolex watch. This basically means that do you have the right amount of appreciation for the Rolex style? Many people would prefer watches that are more colorful with elaborate designs. Rolex goes for more simplistic and classic for their designs, making them timeless timepieces.Next is the reason why you are buying the watch. Do you want to buy a Rolex to look more sophisticated, for a special occasion, or because these timepieces are excellently made? Whatever your reason, be sure you have a clear, understandable one so as to help you appreciate Rolex even more.Finally, do you think it is a good time to buy a Rolex watch? The major factor here is money. Rolex watches cost somewhere in the thousands. Do you want to buy it as soon as you have the money in your bank, or do you want to buy it for special occasions only? Once you have a clear time, then you can save your money and buy a Rolex watch when you are ready.Now that you are mentally and financially ready to buy a Rolex watch, you can decide what type of Rolex watch to buy. There are many different types of watches to choose from, whether they are new or vintage. Even if you just want any Rolex watch on your wrist or one that specifically matches your lifestyle, then it can still be rather difficult to choose which Rolex watch you want.As a beginner, you may not be able to automatically afford the newest Rolex watches. That is why there are used Rolex dealers. These are businesses that sell Rolex watches that have been used and are, therefore, not as expensive as the newer, more current models. Sadly, they can be hard to find. You can also buy used Rolex watches online from previous owners. You may desire a vintage Rolex watch, but you must understand that they may even be as expensive if not more expensive than today’s newer or more current models. Vintage Rolex watches can provide a certain, distinguishing style with your clothing that not even today’s Rolex watches could.Many types of Rolex watches do not only differ in style, but they also differ in versatility. For example, there is a sports collection of Rolex watches that are much more versatile than Rolex watches that would be much more suitable in style for office environments. For people who are looking for a Rolex just to look or feel wealthy and sophisticated, you may be more interested in a Rolex that is made with more precious metals and diamonds or, “bling,” as many would call it.When you buy your first Rolex watch, you want to make sure that that watch is worthwhile to you specifically, has the style you want to perhaps match the clothing you have, and generally has great, personal value to you. For many people, the first Rolex watch is all they want. They don’t want to buy anymore after that. For others, they may find a great fascination in these timepieces to the point where they want to start collecting them.